Musical Fidelity KW 500

I have been comparing integrateds the last couple of months and after auditioning Mcintosh, Rowland Concentra, (also the 201 monos, cannot find the new Rowland integrated), I am curious how the KW stacks up aganst them. I see a couple for sale on audiogon for a good price and would like to know your thoughts. Thanks.
I can't really offer a good comparison, in that I've only heard the older Rowland Integrated, although I was breaking in the kW at home around the same time period. The Rowland sounded very fine driving some JMlabs Mezzo's.

You may have seen a positive review of the kW in the recent Absolute Sound. Although I wouldn't dispute the high praise offered there, I would add a note of caution. I did not find it suitable for near-field listening in a small room. I was very enthusiastic about it at first, it showed-off to my audiophile pals really well, and offered a big, exciting soundstage, lots of detail, shimmer, and grip on the bass, air around the instruments.

On the other hand, once turned up sufficiently to let the music bloom, there was a sort of relentless pressure wave pasting me up against the wall, at the 7'-8'foot listening distance dictated by my little room, I felt beat up. Turn it down much, the music contracted.

I have to admit I didn't like the sheer bulk of the external power supply and separate 'integrated'; I hadn't quite bargained for that. It gave off considerable heat for a small room, and over time I rather tired of the various glowing lights; interfered with my naps.

Those quibbles will be irrelevant for many who have sufficient room to let the kW work out, and a load that will make it earn its keep. For my part, I was much happier moving over to some Naim gear, with its low key presence and effortless delivery.

Made the trade at a brutal loss, but content in the outcome.