musical fidelity a5 tipped-up treble

I have a speaker who sound really bright on trebble and mid. I read on 6moon review that the a5 would not be a good match for my speaker. anyone have experience whit this cd player.?
There are better choices if your speaker is bright, like Marantz cd players and amplifiers. Of course, one day you change your speakers and then you're going to start changing electronics and the never ending cycle starts :-). That's why pick the speaker first and build your system around it...and maybe that's what you're already doing
Thenis...what speakers do you have? What's the rest of ur system?
Also, how large is your room and how many openings/doorways does it have?
i have canton ergo 695 and mcintosh ma 6500 all audioquest cable, my lounge ist open whit the kitchen and i know that its one of my problem.
Well that does seem like you should be getting enough bass to balance out the treble, but since you aren't, maybe the speakers are indeed the problem. The MA6500 has pretty powerful bass for its size so I don't think that's the issue. I know because I bought one from my neighbor. It's a great amp.

Maybe your space is Really large and needs more bass than what 4 German 9s can offer. It's hard to say without seeing and hearing your system but a subwoofer may be a solution.

Tonal balance is a relative effect. If you don't have enough bass, all you notice is the treble.

Otherwise, I would recommend the Marantz SA11S2 for your system. It has a warm, laid-back sound that might suit it really well.

thank you Aball very interesting response. I had the chance to ear a basic cd player marantz and it sounded warm whit a good bass. What do you think about a tube cd player ex:prima luna prologue 8, cary 303/200.
Thenis...I asked what the rest of your system is because I used to own the MF A5 integrated amp and CD player with my Thiel 2.4 speakers. I found the combination to be a little bright myself and I auditioned a lot of different amplification and sources and ended up with an all Audio Research Reference line of products (switched 3 years ago). With the change in the source and amplification, I got a very neutral and cohesive sound without a grating or harsh treble, which was an issue before. But as Aball said there are many different reasons why your treble performance may be "tipped up." It's all about system syenergy. Can you audition other CD players? The fact that the Marantz player you tried still delivered a full range sound with a bit "warmer" presentation suggests it may have been the A5 that was the source of the culprit. You just have to try out different options and see what is optimal. Remember "warm" sounding units are not necessarily what you want to be striving for as that is a coloration as well, and "warm" sounding units are often perceived as so because they are in part rolling off the highs and in some cases obscuring detail that is on the recording. You want the most transparent, cohesive and tonally neutral presentation that you can find within your budget. My 2c worth. Good luck with your search.
The PrimaLuna and Cary would warm things up considerably. Both very good. Marantz idea is very good one in this case as well.