Musical Fidelity A 1008 CD player

Hope someone out there is familiar with this player. Purchased this unit from a dealer who had this as a clearance item. Had unit for three days. On initial startup it worked well short of break in. After I changed to a different interconnect and repowered it up, the song progresses without sound for 35-35 seconds and then sound kicks in. The blue light for the power mains was already in the ready mode. Called dealer and asked if this was a defective unit. He told me that it is a muted while tube buffer stablizes. I didn't notice this when I first set it up, but may not have started it soon enough to notice the delay. I noticed this delay even when I use the solid state output, but he said it is muted because of the tube. Afterwards, it works fine.
I'm not familiar with your model but the A5 CD player which is also tubed doesn't do this. Having said that, I also have a Cayin tubed player and it does exactly this - on power up it takes 30 seconds before it unmutes and if you've already hit "play" there will be no sound for thirty seconds. I have got into the habit of powering up and waiting till the thirty seconds is up before hitting "play". So in summary, I think this is a deliberate 'soft start' approach by MF and that it is normal for this player.
Thanks Hens. Found an Audiogoner who was selling his, and his has the same delay. First experience with tubes since my Philco TV in 1969.