Music Hall Cd-25 vs NAD C541i vs Marantz 6000 OSE

any thoughts? I can auditioned the NAD and Marantz locally. I need to import the CD-25 from China (original manufacturer - Shanling). Any thoughts? All three are good players though from what I've read.

Thanks for the replies


ps. I'm in Australia. :)
Jarthel - if you haven't noticed the MH cd-25 is being sold right here on Audiogon and maybe you can get a demo unit. I previously owned the NAD C540 (non-hdcd version) and thought it was a good value - can only assume the 541 is just as good. It was sold in favor of an Arcam Alpha 8SE which in my system bested it. The Arcam has been replaced by a modded 333ES player and there I will stay (for now)...
Sorry about that - never saw your location...

Hard to believe that there are no Auzzie importers. Might try MH direct and inquire.
I can get it cheaper from Shanling, $195 + freight. :)

I think they can't sell direct to US as Music Hall is the official distributor.
I bought a Music Hall CD-25 to replace my NAD C-540. I'm very pleased with overall sound. Good solid bass and airy highs - I couldn't be happier. Build quality is superb and cosmetics are first rate. I recommend the CD-25 highly.
Jarthel - considering that the current list price in the US would appear to be $600 although some dealers will discount, at $195 it seems like a no brainer - unless of course the cost of freight is $400...
freight is $100 so it's still cheaper. I asked cost the NAD can be had for $350.