Music Fidelity or Adcom

Hi everyone, have a question regarding an amplifier purchase. I would like to spend approximately $1000 on an amplifier and have narrowed it down to the Music Fidelity A3 (85W) or the Adcom 5400(125W amp) & GFP 710 (preamp)combo. Both can be had for $1000. I will be driving a pair of B&W Nautilus 805s without a subwoofer. I enjoy listening to everything from Jazz to Rock to Techno and therefore thought that the more watts I get the better. The room is medium sized, roughly 25ft x 12ft x 10ft. I have a couple of questions. Has anyone set up the 805s with either of these amps? Would the 85 watts of the Music Fidelity be sufficient to drive these speakers at sufficiently high volumes? Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks. vir

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I would recommend you up your budget a litte, and perhaps look at buying a used Bryston 3B or 4B. I once owned an Adcom 5503, and over a 6 month period became dissatisfied with it. I also tried the 5400 for a week period, and found it similar to the 5503