Multi-Format Disc Player with HDMI

Any suggestions on a high-end, multi-format disc player with HDMI output? Any idea on when one might be coming out? Must be able to play SACD, DVD-Audio, CD and DVD.

A Denon 3910 would be one possibility --- they're out in some part of the U.S. and Canada now, and should be getting most everywhere within a week or so (depending on whether you believe what you hear from retailers :-)). Crutchfield and Tweeter are taking pre-orders.
Mine is on the way. Shall report on the performance shortly.
Gchuva, you did not state your budget.
If you live in the west coast, there are Magnolia Hi-Fi stores and websites as well as Magnolia hifi inside Best Buy in major metropolitan area.
I’m curious if DVI isn’t enough for you?? As you hopefully are aware, DVI and HDMI are easily interconverted with a simple adapter, the only real difference is that HDMI also carries audio, which I’d like to think anyone on this site is feeding to something other than their projector or TV. If that is the case for you, my recommendation would be the Esoteric DV-50s (or buy a DV-50 and wait the few weeks until the upgrade is available). This is a phenomenal CD player, does DVD-A and SACD MC as well, and also is a superb DVD player….basically it does it all very well, and the ‘s’ version has a DVI out. Like I said, if you need HDMI, a simple adapter plug will switch the DVI->HDMI (minus the audio that I hope you don’t need!)
DVI is fine if I can convert to HDMI for my Plasma. I don't have a fixed budget but I think I would have a hard time spending 5K on the Esoteric Player if it is getting comparisons to the Lex RT-10 which is 2K less. Does anyone know if Lexicon is changing their machine to include DVI or HDMI?
Then wait for the upcoming Integra DPS-10.5 (MSRP $2,000) or Integra Research RDV-1.1 (MSRP $4,000). I have links for them in my other threads. They should be available at the end of the year.