Mpeg decoding?

I just bought a Kenwood vr-4900 reciever....and it has a little light on the front panel that indicates Mpeg processing....the remote gives an option for it too....just wondering what software would I use this on....CD's....DVD's what? The manual doesn't say....Thanx Chris
MPEG : Moving Pictur Experts Group. Nothing fancy just a format. Many meridian and Theta processor support this too.
This should ideally mean that if you burn a CD/DVD-R from your computer and store it in an mpeg format and close the session...the receiver may recognize it if you DVD player has a PCM / Digital Out connected directly to your receiver. Provided your receiver is doing the unsampling and not the source
Hope this helped
The most popular MPEG formats today are MPEG1 and MPEG2. MPEG2 is the encoding used on DVD's. MPEG1 is the encoding used on Video CD's (VCD), which never really took off in the U.S., but are big in Japan (quality is similar to VHS, and the format is stored on CD media...many DVD players will read VCD format). Then there is the assortment of MPEG formats for the computer.

Possible your light is for DVD MPEG2 playback and/or Video CD MPEG1 playback, and possibly some computer playback formats as well. Experimentation may yield clues.