moving up a

Hi Augoners. i am back with more help.after using the entry level TT(sumiko rm4) for 2 months,i ve decide to upgrade to a better table.i am narrowing it down to the clearaudio champion or basis 1400,both with rega rb300.the question is am i going to have any improvement over my current table?since both of these are entry TT also.I am looking to spend around $1200 for table+arm..any other suggestion? please help.thanks
You can get a VPI Aries for $1200 if you shop around. Its a huge step up.
look around for used tables too. I just got lucky and bought a VPI mk4 with sumiko blue point special cartridge, and rega RB300 tonearm. total $850. This is so much better than the two new tables I was looking at, Rega 3 and the Music Hall 7 in the price range.
Agree with the above, go used. A Linn LP12 or Oracle Mk3 with very nice arms could be had at that price. Both will handily outperform the new tables you mentioned.