Moscode 300 to be modded, which caps sound best?

I have a NYAL Moscode 300 which I have changed out the internal wiring with Litz wire for the input and DH LAbs Q10 for the output (speakers)and have added an IEC connection for the power cable. I am going to change out the caps and resistors next and was wondoring if anybody had experience with different brands and their sound in this application. I have heard the stock vs MIT but was interested if there was more experience and opinions.
The best unit I heard had Wondercaps. I have heard at least 3 different mods and I owned one that just had Wondercaps and it was better in sound staging, dynamics, and was simply more musical. I also had a 600 with the same mods and it too was exceptional. Of course Wondercaps are no longer made. I hear the VA Caps are the best along with Clarity caps too. Especially replacing the coupling caps.
V-Cap: I prefer the tftf-not a big oil cap fan(YMMV).
Have recently upgraded to Clarity caps,the buck stops there.