Monster Cable power cables.

Today,I learned that Monster Cable makes a line of IEC power cables.Have any of you used them,and if so,what are your opinions?
I started using the Monster PL300 Power Cord and do like them..Most of their stuff is hype and junk but if you pick thru and weed it out you can find the better stuff they make.Case in point I did a DIY Harmonic Tech PRO AC11 PC with Furutech ends in 1 meter cost about 130.00 compaired to the Monster 8ft 10ga PL300 at 99.99.If I did an 8footer in the other it would run around 200.00.I did a comparison between them and didn't hear a difference,and I feel it would compare to the DH Labs Power Cord also.They both have great shielding with heavy gauge copper.With the Monster being 8 ft I can easily make two 4 footers..
I personally won't buy their lower end Power cords the PL100 or PL200 for thats the hype and junk section...
I did hear that they will be comming out with their PL400 PC soon and that one you can find on their new HTPS 7000 conditioner.That PC will also be a good one. Probally run at least 150.00+