monster cable avs2000 and hts7000 balance

hi,I would like to know if anyone considered this set, a great one?I've been looking for a line conditioner or power regenator,ect,something that will help my system to perform better.i tried the power plant ps600 and the power out put was to samall for my system.i got conected my amp bk7270,preamp ref30,55"tv and my dvd player,during some loud passage of a movie the whole system turned off.i know that is a normal condition with the p600 when reaches the maxum output.I even tried disconecting the tv with the same results.i dont want to spend all this money only to be able to run the tv,preamp and dvd.I'm looking for something that will make sonic & pict improvements while protect the system.I heard about the advantage of using balance from this point on, i dont really what it will be the best for the money ,i dont mind to spend the extra money in order get something that it really works.may be richard gray's line.any help will be highly apreciated.please no recomendation from dealers that only want is to sell products just for make a sale.I'm open to anyone dealer or private who can send me in the right direction.

best regards,armando
Sir, since you have asked for dealer input, may I suggest that you try our new breaktrhough HMS power cables with build in conditioner for a very reasonable price.

Christian Brouwer
Importer of HMS cables
The Monster HTS7000 doesn't have balanced power for all of the outputs.You wouldn't be able to run your tv or amp on balanced power.It has "filtered" outputs for the high current devices,but they don't provide balanced power.If the balanced power aspect is important to you,you should consider another product,unless you just wish to run your front end components to it.Here's a review:
any susgestions? what about richard gray's line.i know they are not balance,but i heard a lot of good stuff about them.does any one knows or ever tried them?any other products?
As an avs owner,I can tell you,while it works fine for your tv;I would NEVER recommend using it on an amp. HT sucks up lots of juice.(As does the Power Plant device.)Things should be on different lines,as you now are aware. One suggestion would be the Custom Power Block;just for the front end.--It has 4 outlets. The avs you are now using;and plug the amp/s into the wall;with a quality power chord.