Mondial Magic Splitter aka video ground bar prob

Do any of you folks have any experience/feedback regarding the Mondial Magic Splitter? I am experiencing video ground bars, and I am wondering if this might help. It sounds like a great product, but I am not sure if it will solve my problem (in fact, I am skeptical that it will). Here is my situation. I have had intermittent video ground bar problems for some time. My TV is a very old (25 years, at least) RCA, though it was a top of the line model, and still looks pretty good, believe it or not. I had been experiencing audio grounding issues, but after running grounding strips between all of my gear, this was somewhat alleviated (though I am not convinced that I have a real good ground to the TV, as there are few points to attach a wire to a chassis ground - I unded up using a coaxial input). Using a ground loop isolator on the audio feed from my VCR to my pre/pro helped as well. My VCR connects directly to the TV (with a duplicate audio signal being sent to the pre/pro), but for DVD, both audio and video are sent through the pre/pro and then to the TV. I have installed both a DC blocker and a video ground isolator (both cheap units, under $6 each) on the cable feed going to my VCR (I don't use the tuner in the TV at all, since it is so old).

Video performance with the VCR to TV is fine (no bars now, though I used to have them on and off - mostly on), but I still get the video grounding bars every time with the DVD. Could this still be a problem associated with the cable line (and therefore something the Magic Splitter might help), or is it a grounding (or other issue) between the DVD=>pre/pro=>TV? I suspect the latter. If this is the case, what ground isolation products can be applied to composite or component (or S-video, for that matter) video cables? I tried using an audio ground loop isolator product on the composite connection from my pre/pro to the TV, but this did not allow a proper video signal to pass.

Thanks for any help, Tom.
I have been using a Mondial Magic for over 10 years. It completely removes all CATV ground-loop related problems. Try one out, you may be able to remove all your other grounding counter-measures. The cost/benefit ratio is enormous.
Hey Tom,

You could buy it from AudioAdvisor and send it back for a full refund if it doesn't do the trick. Just do it in less than 30 day!


Good point! I didn't realize that Audio Advisor sold these.

Thanks, Tom.