Mods to a BSR Quanta 400 TT

I have another thread here regarding cartridge upgrades for the BSR - and first, thanks for that advice.
I'm looking to use a BSR Quanta 400 for a while with a Denon DL 301 MKII MC cartridge until I can afford a better table, and I'd like to do some mods to make it suitable for a good MC cartridge. It is in excellent condition overall. I have disassembled it, and here are my thoughts, feel free to tell me if I'm crazy:
I already mentioned the cartridge upgrade.
The overall construction is not very good, with a plastic plinth, and stamped metal floating table. At least the suspension springs have a foam damping material in their coils.
I will definitely replace the drive belt as it is 25 years old, but surprisingly no cracks are evident and it is still pretty pliable.
The platter bearing spins freely, and I can see what looks like plenty of lubricant where the spindle enters, so I'm inclined to leave it alone and not do any additional lubrication.
The aluminum platter rang like a bell when I flicked it, so I pressed some mortite rope caulk (great for deadening speaker enclosures, by the way) into the underside, and voila, nothing but a very dull thunk when I flick it. Still spins freely after the mod, the the motor has no problem with the added mass.
The rubber platter mat is in great shape, so I may leave it - there is always the option of cork later.
The tonearm wiring is extremely thin, almost like thread - is that normal or should I look to rewire with something else? With an MC maybe the thin wire is best?
The output cables are cheap 3 foot RCA cables, like you would get for free from Radio Shack in the 70's. They plug into a little RCA connector inside the unit. I'm thinking an upgrade with a good shielded RCA cable is a minimum. Is there a reason not to go to a heavier gauge wire here (is the tiny MC signal going to get "lost" in a larger gauge)?
I will definitely look for some type of isolation feet for the plinth, as it has none now.
I guess that's it, any further suggestions are welcome, and remember that I fully intend to upgrade the entire TT eventually, but I need to tap into my vinyl (untouched for 20 years) before then.
Look into rewiring the tonearm with a one piece Cardas 64312 tonearm wire - 4 x 33 awg Tonearm wire with shield - 4 wires plus shield plus thin wall jacket. From cartidge clips to RCAs. Try the Cardas 62406 PCC Cartridge clips(gold plated copper) and Eichmann 64122 Bullet RCA plugs (gold plated copper). I made up an interconnect for a friend's TT using this recipe and we were immediatly struck by the smooth detailed presentation that only got better with break-in. Check out for everything needed.