Modifications to the Sony SCD-C333es anyone?

Can anyone recommend someone who does tweaks to the Sony SCD-C333es? I went to the Modwright site and noticed they don't do mods to this player anymore, suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Paul
Stan Warren of SuperMods in Eugene, OR or Dan Wright of ModWright in Portland, OR.

Personally, I'd go with Stan Warren.
I understand that Dan stopped modding the multi-disc changers account problems with repairs associated with shipping. I had mine done (Level 1 & Superclock) by Richard Kern ( came across a thread at AA where it would appear that Richard is also not modding that unit anymore. I would e-mail both Dan & Richard to confirm. Assuming that neither of them does it anymore then two alternate and excellent choices (many great reports at various BB's on their work) are Stan Warren (mentioned already and who can only be reached vis phone - do a search here) and Ric Shultz (