Mitsubishi question...

Some of the Mitsubishi Tuners are well thought of for their time period.  Are any of their receivers good for a vintage system?

Just saw this. Mitsubishi had some separates- the DA series amps and the associated tuners and tape decks that were really good. I have rebuilt 4 of the amps and they are rock solid. Once you understand the schematics they are pretty straight forward. I assume the receivers are pretty similar. I run a set of Vandersteen’s biamped with 2 of the 150 watt amps and they flat out sound awesome.  
I just read this. I have a Mitsubishi DA-F10 tuner bought new (actually a floor demo) in 1985. I've been using it daily ever since. Rock solid, and pulls great signal. Plus, it looks pretty cool. I have been lusting for one of the amps for a while; the DA-A15 if I can find a nice one.

Someone on Audiokarma had a DA-R20 for sale recently, $250 as I recall. Those DA series are generally well thought of, I think.
I I have 2 of the 15s, one or two of the10s, and a 7. I have several of the preamps. All have been rebuilt and I find the sound to be excellent. Let me see for sure what I have and maybe I will consider letting one go. All have been recapped with top quality capacitors and most of the have upgraded speaker bindings. The original bindings were not good.