MIT Power Cables What is the way to go?

I use an all Oracle 2.2. cabling - source - Pre-amp, speakers.
Now I have tested a MIT Shotgun AC 1 powercord on the CDP.
There was an huge increase in clarity, dimensionality and focus.
Should I upgrade to Oracles powercords or stay by the Shotgun?
Will there a further improvement? and what will it be?
While the MIT power cables are fine, they are overpriced for the performance offered. I would suggest that instead of getting power cables, you upgrade your cabling to the new MA series (Magnum or Oracle depending upon budget) from MIT; that will give you a much larger improvement. If you are intent on power cables, take a look at VH Audio Airsine or alternatively, Shunyata Anaconda Alpha Helix.
You should not restrict yourself to one brand. You'll find some posters here pushing the same brand over and over and over. They don't know much about cables and/or audio in general.

Cables are system and listener dependent.

Try other makes and models; think outside the box.

I suggest there are dozens of cables that will work well in your particular case but you'll need to take the time to evaluate them.
That was sweet, lol.
There would be a very noticeable improvement.
In my exp clarity, nuance, macro & micro dynamics, the imaging and spread of the orchestra, the definition of the individual instruments and the "thrill" of the performance will all be nicely enhanced.
I liken the effect to the benefits of being able to finely adjust high quailty binoculars for each eye or better yet the process one goes through in determining the strength and characteristics of lens for a new set of glasses-with every step up the MIT pc line sharpening the "vision" of the music that much more.
That said,whether you move up simply relates to your level of satisfaction-and budget.
I like the fact that I feel investing in high quality pc's, particularly MIT's Oracle level, is very worthwhile for the long term. AC power is a very well known & stable commodity so the improvements provided will not be 'obsoleted' by changing power technology in our(my) lifetime. I have the experience of having found the benefits of AC conditiong back in the early 90's with MIT's original Z Stabilizer (with top quality Levinson & Krell amps); and have added other MIT conditionersand enhanced pc's as they came along(and I could afford them) so I am well aware of the fact that power improvement products can have a very synergistic "additive" effect with complementary placement in the system. I believe digital, in one form or another, will be our source for music. In my experience high quality digital playback devices(even the very high level Levinson CDP of my Dentist friend) benefit greatly from ultra pure power- and also generate noise- and these pc's address both factors.
Too long a reply perhaps-but we are just enjoying and sharing. Happy listening. Pete
I disagree with the suggestion to try other cables, system synergy is very important and you already have the Oracle interconnects and speaker cables which are superb and not overpriced as suggested, as well as performing outstanding in your system. Most of these recommendations have never heard a complete Oracle system setup and are just guessing as to how it may sound.I have the complete Oracle setup and would not change them for any other cables and I have tried to many to count. To answer your question, yes you will hear an improvement each time you upgrade your MIT ac cables, it is just a matter of budget.Give MIT a call, its free, there is no selling pressure and they will explain the differences betwenn the cables and how they will peform in your system.
To totally disregard the idea of trying other cables is simply disingenuous and shows a complete lack of understanding.

One size does not fit all in this hobby.

The chances are almost 100% that the OP's components, preferences, and room are unlike yours. Hence your advice is basically useless.

The common sense approach was stated in my earlier post.

Your advice should be completely disregarded.
So Mr. Audiofeil, what you are saying, is that since he is very satisfied with the performance of the Oracle cables that he has, and they are performing excellent in his system in his room with his equipment.And the Shotgun Ac cable has increased the performence of his system considerably, therefore he should start trying other brands. Makes sense to me.
Yes that is precisely what I'm saying.

There is a very good possibility he could improve the system by trying other combinations. Perhaps not.

But you don't know until you try.

Only a fool would argue otherwise.
Some components are certainly more sensitive to type of power cord. For instance, McIntosh amps by reputation are less so than other amps. If in doubt, contact and give them a call. They have a cable lending library and you might be more pleased while spending less money.
I reviewed the MIT AVt MA series, and also took a look at their Oracle PC. Sure, it gets much better on up the line, but only you can decide if the financial pinch is worth the acoustic shot in the arm.
O.K. Gentlemen !
I ´ll take a shootout between the MIT powercords on my system.
Report continued.

I use also Shunyata PC on my other audio gear.