MIT MH-750 Shotgun Speaker Cable

I've been reading the cable posts and haven't seen much discussion regarding MIT speaker cable. I was particularly interested in opinions regarding this cable versus others in the $900-$1200 price range.

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I run MIT 750 shotgun's with my Thiel speakers. They sound pretty good. Try to run MIT 330 shotgun interconnects for a matched cabling system.
It seems that MIT is either very much liked by some, or is very much disliked by others. Everyone has their personal taste & opinions, likes & dislikes, which is of course as it should be.
A number of years ago I decided to try some MH750+ & liked the results with my horns. After a couple of years I found a great deal here on MH750 Magnum BiWire so I upgraded & am now extremely more satisfied. Others seems to report hearing a haze or veiling with MIT, so go figure? Apparently these are synergy issues - nothing unusual about that. I had to try out quite a bit of different equipment before I found the right amp synergy as well.