Ming Da MC767-RD Tube Phono Stage

I am in the market for an inexpensive (sub $1,000) phono stage for my office system. Poking around on E-bay I stumbled across this unit made in China.

Is anyone familiar with it? From the photos it appears to be nicely constructed by I can't dig up any reviews or comments on the unit.

Ken Golden

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The best piece going (and made in the US to boot) for anywhere near that price is the wright wpp100c. I have heard and played with the mingda- it has some issues, bad hum, grounding problem ? hard to say. cheaply built. I was not impressed - it seemed about like most of the gear from china these days - much about looks, little about quality control. ASL is the only decent chinese brand I have seen and heard so far. Opera/Consonance has some decent looking/sounding stuff too but not sure on phono.