Micromega Stage loading, skipping and eject

This is a report of my fix for my Micromega CD player as the info is not easy to come across on the net.

If your Micromega Stage CD player sounds like Godzilla when loading and unloading and perhaps skips a little, there is a possible solution.

Take the lid off and eject the drawer. Remove all of the previous, and possibly non-existent, grease from the drawer guides, 'rack and pinion' and other movable transport parts.

It will now sound like Godzilla versus Mothra!

I used spray teflon grease as it was at hand, but a tube version would be cleaner (I couldn't find one). Cover the drawer guides and 'rack and pinion' with a light layer of grease and be sure to let it dry if you use the spray and also try to contain the spray so it does not get on everything! If you used spray, clean up the mess with alcohol swabs or if you used a tube, clean the excess.

While in there, give the laser a light flick with an alcohol swab.

Replace the case and enjoy.

As a question, has anyone managed to upgrade the Stage 2 by replacement of components. If so please give me some suggestions!

I had my Drive 1 cleaned up as well and since then it's been much better. It sometimes has trouble when I scan music but other than that I can't complain. Want to keep it going as long as possible as I like the sweet sound of Micromega. That said someone suggested to me to change the op amps in my Micromega DAC1. I'll look into it but it might be something to look at yourself.