MH MMF 7,1 vs VPI "B" Stock Scout

What is best choice MH MMF 7.1 vs VPI Scout with Ortofon 2M Bronze
I have not had the MMF7.1 or the VPI Scout. However, I had the MMF-7 and upgraded to the ScoutMaster. The Scoutmaster outclassed the 7 in every way, which it should, considering the price difference. That said, the Scout is also a more expensive table than the 7 or 7.1, even in a B stock. So I don't think comparing the 2 tables is a fair comparison. The 7 was a good TT in its own right. Add the speed controller and I suspect it brings the table up even more in sonic pleasure.
However, I suspect the Scout is a better table. it should be because it costs more. Because of my experience I'd buy the scout over the 7.1 IF you can afford it.