MFSL CD's - Are they worth it?

I have quite a few MFSL CD's I've gotten over the years. On most remasters they sound markedly better than the original releases. I have gotten a few recently, however, that DON'T sound as good as the original. Case in point, U2's Joshua Tree. A little too warm and boomy when compared to the original also a lack in detail. As these CD's are becoming more expensive do you think they are worth the $? Do you like them?

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MFSL UltraDisc is money in the bank, with daily interest accruing, and at the same time-world's best master recordings! You are correct on a few of the MFSL Gold CDs, that they they tend to be a little too warm and mushy. But, most recordings are pretty incredible. I've been collecting MFSL CDs since 1984, with their first ever MFSL aluminum CD release of Sonny Rollins-"Way Out West". Still one of the best ever recordings for great demo and serious critiquing. When the MFSL 24kt-Gold UltraDiscs, were released in 1987, I thought it was a novelty at first. The first MFSL UltraDisc CD I bought was Blind Faith-title Blind Faith in 1987. All I can say I was blown away. It made me put away my vinyl version of the Blind Faith album away forever. Very rich and full body sound stage. My next one was Jethro Tull-Thick as a Brick and I was in Tull heaven. Steely Dan-Aja, same results. Then the true test came when Pink Floyd-DSOM was released, and all I can say after hearing it. I put my vinyl version away forever. Just amazing!! That's when I became a serious MFSL Gold UltraDisc CD collector. I have every single one that was ever released from JS-1(Various Jazz sampler released in early 1987) to the last one ever made, #UDCD-757 -Roy Orbison-Lonely Blue released about 3 days before MFSL went out of business forever, because of poor management etc. in Nov.1999. Out of the +250 MFSL titles released in UltraDisc, their are a few ones that were over recorded-too warm and fuzzy. But most are incredible and worth every penny!! They will continue to increase in value since MFSL is out of business forever. Just check out the eBay auctions to get an idea what some of them are going for. Pink Floyd -The Wall sealed in a Long Box has fetched over $700. Jethro Tull Stand Up-opened has fetched $300. Their is a very strong following and I am one of them. Where else can you get the greatest recordings and watch it astronomically increase in value. Watch on Audiogon, I have about +125 factory sealed rare, and very rare MFSL GOLD CDs. MFSL is and will be sadly missed (like the Beatles, Zeppelin etc.) but atleast we have some incredible recording to enjoy forever!!!! Long Live MFSL!! Sorry about the length of this response, but I get sentimental about MFSL being out of business.