MF A5 CD Player or M1CDT with Arcam AVP700

My system (which you can view at the Hub under Member Systems) features the Arcam AVP AV processor, Mark Levinson ML-9 amplifier, Transparency speaker cables, and Martin Logan reQuest speakers.

I am looking to get a dedicated CD player in the next year, as with a tight budget, I will have to save up my pennies to buy something in the $500 to $800 range or so.

In my research, I have looked at various players, including Arcam, Marantz, Linn, Planet, and Musical Fidelity. For some reason, Musical Fidelity really appeals to me.

My question is, what are your thoughts on a) hooking up the A5 via RCAs to the Arcam, b) using the A5 as a transport and hooking it to the Arcam via digital RCA, c) hooking up the M1CDT to the Arcam AVP and using the Arcam's DAC software.
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For me, there would be no question. I would use the DAC in the CD player. Also, just to note, I prefer stand alone CD players over seperate transports and dacs. Not everyone feels the same way. As far as MF goes, I feel that they are a little overrated. Also, I don't see you getting an A5 within your budget.

If you really keep up with sites like Audiogon and Ebay, you may get lucky and come across a good used Rotel 1072. Its an incredible player for the money. It will be less than $500, as well. While you are looking, a good used Arcam 23 or 33 would be another great find. I've owned both the Rotel and the Arcam 33 and would definitely buy either one again.
Thanks, Zd542. I appreciate your feedback and will look into the alternatives.

Yesterday, I chatted with a gentleman at an audiophile store on my drive home and he suggested that CD transports were on the way out and that a stand alone CD player might be better.

He also added that although other segments of the audio market might be conducive to buying more vintage quality audio, the rate of improvement in optical technology, hardware and software for players warrants leaning towards more current gear than older, but more hallowed models made more affordable by their age. Your thoughts?
By the way, I am considering the Musical Fidelity a3.5 CD player as well.


By the way, I spoke with the North American rep for Musical Fidelity and, afterwards, a dealer that sells their wares in Naperville, Illinois, and I'm really considering going with the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC and hooking it up to my laptop (or another computer) to get really good audio. This way, I wouldn't be limited to CD's (of which I have hundreds).

We'll see...

Still doing my research,

Escritor Juan