Metrum Octave Umbilical power cord

Just wondering if it is possible to upgrade Octave stock umbilical power cord. If so, any recommendation? Thanks in advance.
Certainly. a handmade umbilical could be a good improvement.
The problem is finding spares of the coupling devices, and then knowing the wiring voltages and plus minus of the wires to decide which to twist together, and which to isolate from each other.
I have salivated over this idea for both my VAC Standard with separate power supply.. and my Audio research Sp-15 also with separate power supply.
However I am not wealthy enough to just pay someone to do all the research and work, nor electronics savvy to do it myself.
I would be a great thing though IMO.

Now what we need is some electronics guru to find out the pin out, and sort out and describe which wires to do what with, and source and post where to find/buy the exact coupling devices..

I am good enough to make up the unbilical if i knew more and had the coupling devices available.

All in all a good idea.
The wires in these umbilicals are usually just undressed wiring. a little engineering could really make them better.
Thanks for the reply. So it seems there's no aftermarket umbilical cord for Metrum then. The reason I asked is I tried an aftermarket power cord and noticed not too subtle improvements. Its stock umbilical seems not to be of good quality and may hold back the benefits, for which they went with a separate psu unit for.
have you tried emailing Metrum for the necessary information? they have been extremely helpful and responsive the few times i've contacted them.
No yet. I will try that. Thanks.