Merlin Mxe upgrade

Category: Speakers

I’ve owned several versions of the Merlin VSM speaker. They have been the foundation of my system building the past 9 years. This past summer I exchanged a battery in my BAM and switched to LF jumpers with great success. It was step one of my upgrade path to MXe. After a late summer trip back to the factory for the upgrade, the VSM MXe returned in September for extended burn in before evaluation.

The VSM MXe upgrade with LF BAM has been cooking in my system for 3 months and break in is complete. The Mxe is the most relaxed sounding speaker to grace my listening room ever. The soundstage is wider, fuller and taller. The drivers are seamlessly crossed and sound like a single source speaker. They are coherent, transparent and dynamic. High frequencies reach the stratosphere without any glare or etch. Bass is fuller sounding with excellent control and snap. The midrange is simply stunning. Strings and brass have the correct textures and bite. Female vocals have that “your there” experience that make listening so enjoyable. When you close your eyes, the MXe simply disappears.
The Merlin Mxe upgrade is yet another significant upgrade to helping me achieve the Absolute Sound in home music reproduction.
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VPI Super Scout Cardas pick up
Cardas GR wire, power cords, Elrods Sig 2 & 3
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