Meridian G68ADV: Inputs question


I am contemplating the possibility to replace my "old" trusted B&K ref 50 with a used Meridian G68-ADV. I don't know much about it, I just read good things online. But before I make any decision it is crucial to know if it would be possible to connect two sets of 5.1 mutichannel hi-resolution devices to it, like SACD and Blue Ray HD sound. Could any owner of this unit clarify that to me please?

Thank you
I had a G68XXV. It's a wonderful sounding processor that really does digital right. It has two multi channel analog inputs, so you can connect both SACD and BluRay players. The caveat is that

1. the connections are analog only. many of the new players have both HDMI digital output and analog output, but you can only use the analog connection .

2. the analog inputs are always digitized. other than a handful of multi channel analog preamps, most digital prepro will always digitize multi channel inputs anyways, for bass mgmt and speaker distance corrections, so this point may be a moot.