meridian 565 prologic setup

I want to make a simple 2.1 setup right now for music and movies, but I don't understand how to make the connections. Which jack does a cd or dvd player plug in to? Also my sub has left/right rca plugs. where do they plug into? Do I need the 562 controller?
The short answer is sub out from 565 to left rca on your sub (this is what I have seen in three different subs to include Meridian's 2500).

The cd player or dvd digital out to the digital in or optical out to optical in (or the analog ins if you do not have any digital out on your player)

If you do not have the owners manual:
and (if you have the DTS version)

If you do not have any Meridian digital speakers you'll use the analog outputs; Main Left and Right to your amplifier. (If you do have Meridan speakers, you'll need to read the manual)

Good Luck!