Melos MA-222

I am looking for a copy of a Melos MA-222 owners manual; alternately all I really need is an explanation of the DIP switch settings. Can anyone can help me out?
i can help there. send me an email.
I currently own a Melos MA-333. I am not aware of DIP switches on the unit. Are you referring to the 2 toggle switches on the back? If so, leave the levers down for "Balanced" and up for "single ended" BTW, I did not notice the differance on either setting. If you still need the manual, check out

good luck, Paul
I have a Melos. I have noticed that you are a very kind person. Can you help me? I look for the schemes of the Melos, because a channel is not all right. Waiting for one kind answer of yours, I gather the occasion to send you best regards from Italy.

I hopes that you understand my bad English.
i am looking for manual as well or explanation of the dip switches