McIntosh XRT20 speakers

Does anyone have these speakers' optional metal stands, or any pictures showing how the speakers are mounted so that I can build a set? All I've found are images showing them from the front in use with the bass cabinets (two rods and an angled stand to raise the tweeter array off the floor). Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!
There is a pair on ebay at the moment. I've decided it'll be less expensive to build a pair myself for mine.
W1jim, or anyone else with the XRT20's-
Do you have yours mounted on the wall? How do you like the sound and what are you using to drive them? I'm wall mounted in the garage with a terribly underpowered tube amp and already in love... except for the instants when I'm jolted by believing someone is actually in suddenly the garage with me.
Sorry for the time lapse in responding.
I've been running mine with my (restored) Pioneer SX-1980 (260w x 2) and that seems to drive it just fine.
I've built stands with the metal rails affixed to a vertical 2x4 which is then mounted on a weighted base.
Since receiving mine I have refoamed the woofers and mids, replaced the 100uf electrolytics in the crossovers, upgraded the binding posts and replaced some blown tweeters. I was fortunate to find some on ebay for a measly $15 each - got some extras just in case.
The room I have them in is a bit small for these but they still perform admirably. My wife thinks they're some kind of an alter to sound - most perceptive!
I'm mostly a jazz, blues and rock kind of guy but there is a special joy in cranking my Telarc 1812 - the XRT20s do the canons justice!
More info at-
Sounds sublime, W1jim!

I've cross-graded to a modified Behringer EP1500 power amp (volume bypass and quieter fan, that's all), driven by grounded grid and Burson equipped DAC from China... I'm really please with the sound. It's a "crank it in the garage" set-up and when i open the door and play at loud-loud volumes, you'd actually think there's a band rehearsing when you stand 20+ ft. away. Very enjoyable to say the least.

I also bought replacement tweeters, likely from the same guy on eBay. Will do the caps rehab soon.

Looking into active equalization now... what fun these huge speakers be...