McIntosh MVP891, MVP881, or MCD500, MCD301?

I'm trying to achieve better quality CD playback with my home theater. My current setup is B&W 804S and HTM3S speakers, Outlaw Audio 990 Pre-Amp Processor and 7500 Amp, Adcom 5 Disc CD Player, Pioneer Elite DV-37 DVD Player, MIT speaker cables and interconnects (combination of Oracle 3.2, Matrix, and Shotgun).

My last major system update was 5 years ago when I got the B&W 804S/HTM3S speakers. I'd like to replace my old (but reliable) Adcom CD changer. I did have it connected to a California Audio Labs Sigma II Tube DAC, but when I got the Outlaw 990 processor about 6 years ago, I sold the Sigma II, and the 990 is acting as the DAC for all digital source.

What I'd like to accomplish is better playback of my CD collection. I've heard good thing about McIntosh, and the dealer's B&W 804S was connected to a McIntosh CD player when I was testing speakers 5 years ago. I'm just not sure if I should look for a (used) MCD500 or MCD301 (as the MCD1100 is out of my price), or go with universal player like the MVP891 or MVP881.

Since the only discs I have currently are CDs and DVDs, I technically don't need a player for SACD or BR, but if I got a MVP player, then I could start buying those discs for playback.

What I'd like to know is if for 2ch playback, is it still best to go with a dedicated CD player (MCD500/301), or is the universal player (MVP891/881) just as good?

Thanks for any help.
I use an MCD500 in one of my systems and I chose it over the Mcintosh universal players because I felt it was overall a significantly more musical choice for 2-channel playback.
Thanks for the info.
So even though the MVP891 has the newest 32bit DACs and supports multi channel audio discs, you think the MCD500 sounds better on standard 2ch CDs?
The best MV unit I heard is the MV881. Sorry I did not clarify that in my previous post. The new 32-bit DAC in the MVP891 likely narrows or even eliminates the performance gap for 2-channel playback in comparison the the MCD500.
I'd still like to listen to them in-person first, but the price of a brand new MCD500 or MVP891/881 is more than I can do, so would have to look-out for a pre-owned unit.