McIntosh MI-75. Any info?

Can anyone please supply me with information on an McIntosh MI-75 mono tube amplifier? There isnt much info on it on the web other than that its an industrial amp and that its rather rare. Is it a good unit to pick up? Does anyone know what they usually go for? I found someone locally who wants to sell one but I havent the slighest idea what its worth. Thanks for any help you can give!
frank gow at audio classics could tell you all about it.
Thanks Jaybo, I gave him a call and he filled me in. Guess I'll be picking it up!
Heard that the US Navy used them onboard their aircraft carrier as public address system !?
Did you acquire that MI-75, Autre?

I'm in the process of restoring one now but I haven't been able to find much information online. I had assumed it would be just a repackaging of an MC-75, but during my visual inspection prior to applying power, I discovered that the output transformer is different, having an isolated winding for the 70, 115, and 230 volt outputs instead of using the one between the cathodes of the 6550s. There's also a socket for an input transformer and, though it won't be very difficult to trace out the connections, I have no idea what model of transformer was intended to be used. Have you been able to obtain a schematic for the MI-75?
i have 3 of them,and the "book".
if you still need a scan.....
Hi, Neobeam --

If you would be willing to send me a scan of the MI-75 schematic, I surely would appreciate it.
I am looking for MI-75 schematic also, please advise where I can get a copy and thank you !
Call Audio Classics @ 607 766 3501.  Note that Frank Gow passed away a few years ago.