McIntosh MC300 vs. MC2255

Which one of these amps do you think will be best for switiching to bridge mode and powering a B&W HTM1? I currently have a MC352 pushing my 802's.
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hi jof! ive owned both the mc300 & the mc2255 & while both were really sweet sounding amps the mc300 is a much better amp in stereo or bridged mono & it has better features.

the mc300 has a much lower distortion rating than the 2255.

the mc300 has a better damping factor.

both amps are stable down to 1 ohm

the mc300 has both balanced & unbalanced inputs while the mc2255 has just standard unbalanced inputs.

the mc300 has remote power switching & the mc2255 does not.

while both the amps your lookin at will do the job very well the mc300 specs out better & its specs are very close to your mc352 and the mc300 will match the look of your mc352 dead on.

hope this helps.