Mcintosh MC2105

How do you remove the perforated cover from the filter capacitors at the top rear of the amplifier chassis? I need to remove this cover for inspection and possible replacement of the filter capacitors - there must be a trick to it, because nothing that I tried seems to work.

Thank you very much for your help.

Remove bottom cover, and the 1/4 inch hex bolts are visible at either end of the mesh cover(s). While in there, you may as well touch up solder joints under EVERY Molex connector that is PC board mounted. (very common failure in a 35+ year old unit).
When refurbishing old solder, remove some of the joint with a solder sucker, apply rosin flux and replace the now missing solder with a new flow heating both surfaces to the same melting point so the solder melts on BOTH surfaces to be joined.