Mcintosh / MC1000 vs MC2000

What is the better choice
please give advise
with a C22/tube top or a C100 top
I owned MC1000's for a while and also VTL, Manley and BAT tube amps. You are trying to compare apples to oranges. I've heard the MC2000 and it sounds good(not great)with B&W Nautilus 801's. It does not put out much power and sounds like it. It does what it was designed to do. With efficient speakers it would be a fine amp. The MC1000's are refined(almost dull) but have tremendous power capability and ease of driving almost anything. It really depends on your speakers and the type of listening you do. The MC1000's do have a smooth tube-like midrange but lack the tube magic and tonality. If you do not need the power-go with the MC2000-if not, I cannot recommend the MC1000's over so many other fine SS amps out there.

Good luck
Brandt, thank you