mcintosh ma 6100 speaker hook up

i recently got an ma6100, then bought a badly copied ('70's photo-copy) manual from someone out of dallas. i guess the original photos in the manual were in black and white anyway. no matter what i do, i can only get one channel to operate. there is a question about the speaker hook up. looking at the back of the amp, the speaker connections are, (left to right) black and green(left channel) and white and red(right channel). which is positive, negative? if they are not hooked up correctly, will only one channel play? i have checked the fuses, etc., and they are ok. also, i have been using an sae mkxxxib amp, along with a luxman tp114. i expect the mac will be a marked improvement? any hints or suggestions? thanks
If your speakers are connected improperly (ie polarities are reversed) they will be out of phase and the sound that eminates will be diffuse rather than focused (discrete sound stage of a normal stereo setup). You will not hurt anything, turn off your amplifier and simply reverse the polarity of the one channel you suspect is out of phase and the problem will be corrected. Next, indetermining if you have a bad channel, try reversing the right and left channels of one of your input sources. If the music plays in the previously "dead" speaker, and not in the previously good one, then something is wrong in the amplifier or one of it's connections. Hope this advise helps. Happy listening.