McIntosh, Goldmund or MBL for SF Cremona M?

I'm looking to find an amp that is a good match for my Sonus Faber Cremona M. The following are what I'm pondering:

- McIntosh 452
- Goldmund Telos 200
- MBL (no specific model in mind yet)

I believe the Telos 200 would be the most expensive of the bunch. I wonder if owners of these amps can share their experiences in matching with SF speakers, particularly the newer M models?

Much appreciate any opinions.
Hello pepperidge....

Wow! 2 months and no one on Agon shed some lights for you. Anyway, I never heard of goldmund, but heard of Macintosh and they are too dark for my taste. I'm currently using MBL 9008a mono to drive my MBL 101e mkII beautifully. The MBL 9008a sound transparent on top, silky smooth mid and iron fist bottom and they could drive any speakers and loads. there are alot of reviews on the 9008a if you google it. I heard of your SF Cremona M at a dealer and they are very nice looking and sound very musical. The 9008a have no problem driving your M. I hope that help and happy listening...