Mcintosh 275's or Marantz Model 9's What would you

Hello Audiogon frineds!

Ok would love to hear what would you buy if you had a chance
to purchase? The Mac 275's or the Marantz Model 9' Monoblocks?

Please let me know any of your thoughts---Have a chance to pick
either of these up from a friend!

Thanks again,
I would go with the 9's, much warmer in my experience. However, not knowing what is in your chain, what results you would get is hard to tell. Can your source let you try each? That would be ideal. That way you will 'hear' the difference when your other pieces are in the chain. Also, try not to finalize your price until you hear them. You will be surprised how much knowing the final price could work on your preception of what sounds better, for you. And finally, what ever you decide, I would be interested in the units you don't purchase.

FWIW, in the latest issue of stereophile's recommemded components the Mac 275 got a A rating along with a few others such as Audio research Reference 110, BAT Vk-55Lamm Industries ML2.1 monoblocks and 4 or 5 others. So I guess it's in rarified company and very good. I'm thinking of gettineg one.

What vintage is the 275, and what is he asking for the Marantz 9 pair v. the 275? (You understand that a decent pair of Model 9's is worth between 15 and 20 thousand?)