McIntosh 2105 Amp and C-26 Pre

I recently found a McIntosh 2105 amp and a C-26 Pre-amp in my basement. Does anyone have any experience with either of these pieces. How would they compare to todays highend equipment?
Yes don't drop the 2105 on your foot! I owned both pieces at one point and during their day they were very good and very expensive. Compared to todays technology they may seem average but you can still sell them for real money or clean them up and use them, they were early Mc solid state if you plan to use them you might sell the c-26 and move up to a c-28 or better or list them both here and turn them into cash. Give them a run and see what you think depending on your point of reference you may be pleasantly surprised
The Mac 2105 is one of the best amps they ever made. And the C26 is a great preamp. I still have my C26 I wish I had kept my 2105. that amp with the right speakers. Can't beat it.
you found these in the basement? Use them. Great stuff.
I had both these pieces of equipment in my listenig room. They are a really good match for one another, but don't take it from me, listen for yourself!
tuner. . . 74 I think (?).

I love the 2105 amp. BIG difference over my SAE 502. The 32 preamp is, well, interesting. It seems to make a bit of a racket upon start-up. I'm not sure what causes the buzzing but after several minutes of warm-up it eventually quiets down. They are a good match.

I've moved the 2105, 32, and 74 to my "listening" room and am now considering speaker options. Any recommendations for viable small-room speakers? Magnepans maybe? I dunno.

I do like the NAD 1600 pre/SAE 502 amp combo for the living room set up as it tends to be more casual listening. The feel is much different, not quite as warm as the "MAC room".

I say keep the gear and enjoy it!
You mentioned Maggies and a small room. While I have not seen them, there are now a set of smaller Maggies available only from manufacturer. You get a free 30-day trial.

Check out the web page. I would love to hear from someone who has tried them.