MBL models 101 D and E differences?

What are the differences between MBL's Model 101D and Model 101E? Thank You!
Lookswise, the lower bass unit being shorter and fatter, makes the E looks a bit shorter and fatter than D.

The balloon is the same but apparently the crossovers have been changed.

Soundwise, did not do an A-B, so wont know if new price is justifiable.

BTW the lower bass unit is used in the 111B, now renamed 111E.
The mbl 101E represents many significant changes over the 101D. The low bass driver is manufactured to be 30% lighter, and is significantly faster than the one in the D version, allowing it to move more air and to keep up with the radial drivers much better. The lower cabinet volume has been increased and the port diameter has been increased, allowing the low bass driver to float more freely and quickly, and forever eliminating the "port noise" that could be heard on the D version at high SPLs with dynamic music. This also allows more bass energy to enter the room, completing the full presentation of all the radial drivers.

There have also been quality upgrades in the manufacturing process of the radial tweeter, and several updates to the crossover of the entire system.

I've spent much time working demos at CES for mbl and was always in love with the 101D. After the first track at this past CES 2004, where the 101E was first shown, the speaker was totally coherent with nothing missing. The D always lacked in the low bass weight and speed. These problems have vanished in the haze. It is truly an amazing loudspeaker, and for the price/footprint, the mbl 101E is the best all around speaker money can buy, especially if you want "to share the music you love with the ones you love." You are not confined to a small sweet spot as with most other speakers. Tonal balance is the same around the room. Walk around. Read. Work. Dance. Live your life. The images are stable and the music is in the room. Not the speaker cabinet.

The 111E has been further redesigned since the prototype shown at the CES 2004. It will make it's debut at the HEE show in New York in May. Check it out.

Viva mbl!
What are your thoughts on the now discontinued 111B (now replaced by the 111E), I'm considering driving them with a Jeff Rowland Concentra II rated @150w in my 4.5m x 10m apartment (speaker sitting along the length of the room) as it is well known these babies are power hungry.
I've the "D" version.

If you want me to top-up another 20K for the "E" version. I can forget about it!