MBL: Best for soundstaging???

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I have AP Virgo IIs and love their imaging/soundstaging. Are MBL's even better? Having read the reviews, it seems like they are. Bill Gates owns a pair of the 101s, he is a gadget geek if i ever saw one. Comments?? thanks....
I wouldn't rule out Kharma loudspeakers.There are usually many at all ( used )prices and the Kharmas ( all of them ) do the dissapearing act very very well.I have heard both MBL and Kharma ( not at the same time )and they both are incredible speakers....I purchased the Kharma 1.0 used a few years ago and I will be honest I would be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable speakers. I think the big thing is to find the right size MBL or Kharma to fit your application.That is the real test for you....Good Luck
The MBL is a very unusual speaker and certainly it's stregnth is it's ability to throw sound around a room in all directions. Off axis repsonse is also very different than most speakers.

I find it very fun to listen to at first and then the meat of the sound seems to bother me just a bit. Be aware - They Need A Monster Amount of Power!!!
I've been fortunate to own both Kharma and Mbl speakers and have found the soundstage of the Mbl to be more spacious, layered and vibrant with an uncanny separation of instruments. The Mbl speaker will disappear before your eyes and offer a 3 dimensional image unlike most speakers. After owning speakers from Wilson, Avantgarde, Von Schweikert, Kharma and Sonus Faber, I can truly say that the Mbl's provide a more believable and vibrant soundstage. However, you must feed them at least 200wpc. They also resemble a classic piece of art, unlike the typical box look.

Mbl speakers appear to be the talk of the shows with numerous positive feedback by top reviewers in TAS, Stereophile, etc. Reviewers as well as consumers are discovering why Mbl has been a long time reference loudspeaker.