MBL-Anybody with any experience?

I'm looking for feedback on anybody who is familiar with MBL amps. Very few people seem to sell them, or use them for that matter. I'm investigeting one of their bigger amps for my system.

David Shapiro
The best authority around , Ted @ www.highendaudio.com
He's been seeling/using them for many years....
That's who I'm negotiating with already. While he seems like a very sincere guy, he's hardly unbiased.

i'm using mbl's previous reference 9010C in a stereo mode, driving mbl speakers.

In terms of driving difficult loads, I have heard it drive the 101D effortlessly in normal and comfortable listening levels. therefore it shouldnt have any problems driving most speakers, i would gather. as to whether it matches your speakers, only you can tell.

btw, david, what are your speakers?
I have Avalon Osiris speakers. they are a nominal 4 ohm load with 87 Db sensitivty, but they are difficult load, to put it charitably. I've been through Rowland 9 Ti's, Pass 600's and now Krell 750 monos. I've also auditioned the Parasound JC-1's. All the amps have their strenghts and weaknesses. but the Krell's, while they sound very good, aren't exactly what I'm looking for. Can you characterize the sound of the 9010's fo4r me?


Hi. I do understand your concern for biased opinions. I can only give you my feelings on how I was pleasantly handled on many occasions. I have purchased "many" peices at his location.I was always treated like a freind and customer.
I had a chance to audition the MBL top of the line Monos with the 30k loudspeaker (# ? ),which was truly incredible to hear. Unfortunately I couldn't afford them at the time.
To be honest I think we all have biases when it comes to music,because we all hear things differently.Good Luck
hi david,

i cant give you an unbiased opinion on 9010c's sound as I have only plugged it with my mbl speakers. but to my humble ears, it has a deep, wide soundstage with a lush midrange full of details. although not the last word in deep, deep bass, but all of these could be largely due to the speakers than the amp.

it needs 2 power cords and has 3 switches (1 switch to turn it on, the other 2 to activate the 'turbo' function)

I have not seen, much less hear your speakers. btw, which mbl amp has caught your fancy?