MBL 1531 Describe Sound...Step up from EMC-1 ???

I searched the forums and did not find a lot on the MBL 1531 cdp. Having been very impressed after hearing an all MBL system, I am giving some thought to this player as my new digital source for red book cd's.

I am looking to hear from those who own or have demo'd this player. Please describe its character, espeically how it differs (good or bad) from other players that you compared it to.

I currently own the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 (24/192) and am curious as to how the 1531 would compare to my EMC-1.

I have recently a/b compared the Audio Aero Capitole Mk II SE and found it to be a step forward from the Electro. Also on my audition list is the MBL 1531. Any thoughts?

If you have any experience with theis MBL player, please chime in.

I have the 1531 player. I also had it matched with the 7008 Integrated at one time. I now use the Gryphon Callisto 2200. I have owned this player for the better part of a year only because I have not heard anything that will better it unless I want to spend major dollars.
I have not heard so I cannot comment on your EMC-1. I have owned: Lector CDP-7T, McIntosh MVP-851 & the 861, and the Esoteric DV-50. I have heard the Reimyo CDP-777 and for the life of me I cannot understand why this unit was or is such a rage. Sure it sounded great, but I would put my 1531 up against any day of the week. Not saying my 1531 is better but I sure as heck cannot hear anything any better from the Reimyo then I do from my 1531.
I would describe the sound I hear from my 1531 as very detailed, huge sound stage, maybe even a little on the warm side over other SS units.
If you care to discuss this directly send me a e-mail and I will give you my phone number. dadt531@aol.com
This is an excellent cd player. I have this in my MBL system.
The sound is close to analogic. Open, airy, elegant but at same time strong and dynamic. My friends with hi-end systems also judged it very good.
I can't compare it with other cd players. I judge only Things to which i've listened at my home
1531 replaced AA Capitole mk II SE in my system. A huge step up. I have chosen it over the new AA Capitole Reference SE/Signature AA SACD Prestige and EMM Labs DCC2/CDSD (non signature). I have posted more detailed info a couple of times on this CDP, so pls do a search.
Hi Elberoth2:

Though I started this nearly a year ago, I do appreciate you chiming in with your experience.

Since starting this thread, I have not yet changed digital sources. However, because of some planned system changes, I am now fairly sure that I want to go with a cdp that also offers digital inputs.

Therefore, Audio Aero's Capitole has been at the top of my list of contenders.

Please share with us why you feel that the MBL 1531 is a "huge step up" from the Capitole MKII SE. What speicifcally makes it a better player, in your opinion/experience?

IMO 1531 betters AA Cap mk II SE in ALL areas. For starters - the bass is much deeper and better defined. It came as no suprise since AA has tube output stage and its bass berformance have never been it's forte. The surprising part was a midrange performance - much fuller, richer, with an uncanny "unprocessed" quality to it.
The highs are better too - smoother and more detailed at the same time. Stage is better focused, stage depth is MUCH better.
All in all - when I think about AA right now, I cannot think of single performance area where AA could actually better the MBL.