mbl 1521a and 5011 how good are they

never heard the 1521 or 1621 transport and looking at purchasing the 5011 preamp to go with the 1521, how good are they , i listen to mostley jazz , have audio aero capitolle se mkii with hovland 200 preamp tetra 606 , cardas golden ref interconnects , and transparent bi wire mm music wave speaker cable, would the mbl be a great improvement as there are no dealers near me where i can judge for myself , need help
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Pavpet, I cannot comment on the MBL preamp, but if you take a look at my review of the Accustic Arts Tube Hybrid reference DAC I added comments regarding the MBL transport that I just added to my system. The MBL transport is a terrific piece, for the details look at the thread.
thanks teejay , looking at purchasing mbl preamp , dac , and transport , to replace my conrad johnson pv14l, and audio aero capitole se mkii , sound now is very nice , but looking for more detail and front to back a little more def, any suggestions
I cannot comment on the MBL 1521 CD transport, but I find the 1621 even better than the CEC TL-0 MkII. I've had the CEC once, now I own the 1621. the MBL sounds very detailed and organic like the CEC but with more authority. I suppose both the MBL transports share the same characteristics.

I have the 5011 preamp. Prior to that I had the Classe CP-700 and ARC Ref 3. To my ears, the 5011 sounded more natural and musical. It does an incredible job of separation and individualizing each instrument. I really enjoy this preamp and have no complaints other than the unpredictable remote volume control.