Matless Platter VPI 16.5

Hi all,
I have kicked arourd the thought of having fabricated a better Delrin-Acrylic Platter for my VPI 16.5 RCM.
I wondered why couldn't a matless Platter be usable, where the LP is directly coupled to the smooth surface?

Sitting here thinking, it might be easier to keep clean, but also may offer no cushioning when the Vacuum Wand comes down, and contacts the LP, and in effect might "slam" the LP down upon the Platter, thus causing LP damage? A self adhesive rubber of course shouldn't be too hard to acquire from such places as McMaster-Carr?
I wish to get away from the Cork Mat.
What do you find objectionable about the cork mat? It provides a non abrasive, non-skid surface.
Stew/All, Done some more thinking about this, and also had some sensible suggestions privately from a person more knowledgeable than I, and have come to the conclusion, that a Matless Platter, no matter what the Platter is made of would more than likely be a very unwise choice.

All it would take, is one LP to slip while being vacuumed, and the Platter remains spinning underneath, well this can't be good for the LP. And of course it won't happen with a $2 thrift find, but a treasured $40 LP. So, I conclude my crazy brain farts would not be a very good idea, and I want to note this here, and now before I go further.

My ultimate goal though, is finding a material which will be easier to detect dust, and dirt, and easier to clean-keep clean. This I feel is the one disadvantage of the Cork Mat.

What I'll need to do more research on, is to find out what type of self adhesive backed Rubber Sheeting would be a better choice, and I've considered that Chemical Resistance, the material's Shore-Durometer Hardness, and its resistance to attracting dust will all be important considerations.

I can just visualize that a material such as the Sorbothane Sheet used on something like the Audioquest Platter Mat would be a very poor choice, as it is virtually akin to a sheet of flypaper, attracting everything that lands on it, and would be impossible to keep pristine clean. Mark