Matching preamp for ARC VT-100 MK I

I have recently bought a Proac Response 1sc speaker and a Audio Reserach VT-100 MK I. Any body out there have experience for a matching preamp for this comb.

Narrow my taste to only classic music; string works, chamber music, orchestra and opera.

thanks a ton in advance
Try the BAT VK-50SE. I recently heard it with a VT100 MKII and Audio Physic Virgos and it was a wonderful combination.
I am using the ARC LS25 MKI with the VT100 MKII with excellent results. They complement each other to produce a very convincing presentation of the music which helps in transporting the listner to the "original event." I recommend the LS25 highly, especially with NOS 6H23 tubes.
get a matching system and get an ARC preamp. they are reknowned for their preamps so if you like the amp, you should enjoy a pre such as the LS-25 or LS-16 depending on your budget. their amps are made to work with their preamps and offer better resale value as a combo. good luck...
I would probably choose an ARC LS-15 first. The two are the same vintage and were designed to work together. The VT-100 mk1 is leaner, more lightweight than the mk2 version and the LS-15 compensates for that by being softer and richer. At a lower price or different brand maybe an ARC LS-7, C-J PV-10, or BAT VK-3i (though with the VK-3i you'd be better off with a VK-60 for power).