Martin Logan SL3 with Musical Fidelity KW 500?

I am keen to change my Primare A 30.1 since I have upgraded my speakers to a pair of Martin Logan SL3; I previously owned a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home with great results, and was a good match with my integrated amp.
But I am aware that SL3's like lots of power, and I am shrinking my decision on a Musical Fidelity KW500, but I also know that it is a bridged amplifier.
I read on some reviews that you shouldn't use grounded loudspeakers with bridged amplifiers,why is that?
Is there a way to get around this problem? Maybe unground the power cables for the Logans?
Thanks for any suggestion, cheers.
To the best of my knowledge that's a dual mono integrated amp, not bridged.
I did a lot of testing amp's in the past with the SL3 for my work. And MF is a very good match.
Thanks for the reply; it is dual mono but built bridged already.
Yes I think ML and MF should be a good match, just worried that I may fry the loudspearkers/amp with the KW 500.
What is grounded in Martin Logan ELSs is the transformer for the electrostatic panel, not the transducer itself. What should not be grounded with bridged amps is the transducer (tweeter, woofer, whatever...). There should be no problem with MF Kw 550 and MLogans. I plan to do same myself.

Best regards
More power will give you more control. also with the smallest speakers.
Thanks guys for your reply, now I have a better idea on what to look for.