Martin Logan Descent subwoofer

Has anyone heard the Descent? How does it compare to the better subs out there?
Don't know how it compares to other subs, but it literally SHOOK the Martin Logan HT room at Brack Electronics in Thorn hill. The room must have been 22ft long by at least 15ft wide with a 9ft ceiling. I was astoundedÂ… such a small box having so much deeeeep oomph! - Something that ML had never really shone at (IMO). All this said, the room was very solid, and must have been supremely braced and insulated.
I have an ACI titan II, but the Descent just blew me away the first time I heard it. I've got a pair of Martin Logan Odysseys, at some point the Descent is going to join them.

Tight bass, with the kind of crisp edge I like. Frankly the Descent sounded better than any of the REL models I auditioned (Stadium II, III and Stentor).
I have one. I love it. I will buy another one. I have not heard a better match. It blew the stadium III away and it is
less expensive.