Martin Logan Cinema center - opinions?

I have a HT system built around a Rotel RSDX-02 DVD player / receiver. My mains are a pair of Mobius floor standing speakers from Artistic Audio, with a pair of Linn Kan IV for the surrounds, and a M-K sub. My current center channel is a Magnepan CC-1, which is mounted on a thick MDF shelf above the TV. My room is about 500 sq ft, with 9’ ceilings, hardwood floors, and numerous acoustic panels of various sizes placed around the room. (You can check out my complete system here:

I have been considering replacing the center channel speaker for a number of reasons, primarily because it just doesn’t blend with the rest of my set up. When I play it solo, it sounds clean and clear, but dialogue just sounds muddy when I play movies. Part of that may be because it is a 4 ohm speaker, and everything else is 8 ohm, so I have to enhance the center channel volume substantially to compensate. Also, it just doesn’t look cool.

Lately I have been lusting for a Martin Logan Cinema center. While it seems to get rave reviews, it also looks like something out of a H.R. Giger movie set, which is a look that appeals to me. I am wondering if you audiophiles think it would mesh acoustically with my system. I have heard they are a bit inefficient, so I am also wondering if my Rotel unit has sufficent power. (75wpc).

Or should I just dump the center channel completely and use a phantom center?
I have an all ML system, and undoubedly the weakest part is the Cinema center. I've been thinking about going to the ML forum and finding out what others use.

I often (usually?) run a phantom center.
I have Ascents as my fronts-The Cinema as my center-and the Depth as my sub. I totally disagree with Snofun. I think its a very good center channel-especially with M/L fronts. Snofun-try plugging your cinema in a wall outlet..........
The Cinema is plugged via a Transparent Super power cord into a dedicated circuit.

In my system, the tonal balance, presence and size of the image using my Ascent i's in phantom mode kills having the Cinema in use. Yours apparently differs.

My ML dealer liked the old Aeriel center as a center for bigger Logans. I heard it once and it seemed like a big improvement.

I don't like it. Sorry.