Martin Logan Aerius i or Vandersteen 2Ce ???

Thinking about adding a set of speakers to a spare room...not large, maybe 20 ft square by 8 mostly low to hear Barbra Streisand inhale when singing Pretty Women (ok, some can't stand her singing but...) so what I like is detail...not sure I'll miss the bass the ML is lacking, as I wouldn't buy a sub for them...have heard Vandy 2's and 3's and they sound good, transparent, clear, invisible, good imaging and so on, for the $. Been reading for the last 3 days and I'm about out of reading material comparing the 2. I'm a little worried about the placement of the ML's 2-3 ft from the walls ?

Any comments or suggestions ?
Thx for all the input...after coraeful consideration I've decided to buy BOTH...just kidding ! 2Ce's for me as I have a set of 2C's already...and know them...great for the $, maybe not superb, but great I think...
You owe it to yourself to take an extended listen a set of Quad 63's.These classics set the standard for natural, unforced resolution at moderate levels. If pressed for space, hang a blanket on the wall behind them.
Almost everything the Vandy's do (except play very loud) the Quads do better. Besides, they are something different and you will learn a lot. Finally, like the Vandy's, they are easy to buy and easy to sell.
Ive had SO many Logans from 3kpr-$10k pair over the years, get the Aeon i's(make sure its the i's). They are WAY better then the Aerius i's, and only a few hundred more(Ive seen them for 1k)

Incredible speakers. Use the rear tweeter and you wont believe your ears. I miss them!!