Marten Duke 2 anyone own or heard these?

I heard the Duke 2's at the last Newport Beach Stereo Show
and fell in love with the transparency. Any Audiogon members
have or know the voicing of these speakers? I have full range speakers but I'm looking for a bookshelf that is fast but smooth. Not bright and no sibilance with female vocals.
I was looking at the Harbeth 30.1s which I know are smooth but I was really impressed with the Duke 2's at the show.
No local dealers so I cannot audition.
Any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks Ron

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I owned the Duke 2's for a short while when I was comparing them to Harbeth HL5's and JM Reynaud Bliss Silvers. My preference in order was:
1) JM Reynaud
2) Marten
3) Harbeth
The Bliss Silvers sounded more natural to me vs the other two. Duke 2 is not a bad speaker, but pretty hefty in price compared to other speakers out there.