Mark Levinson No 380s with Proceed AMP5 communications link

Does anyone know if the communications link are compatible?  I have the communication link connecting the 380s to a 390s (CD player), and want to know if it is safe to connect the AMP5 so when I take the 380s out of standby it will take the AMP5 out of standby.  The functionality works on the AMP5 when connected to an AVP2, but will it work (is it compatible/safe) with the 380s?    Thanks
Case closed, just heard back from Levinson / Harmon:

"Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, the No 380S should be able to control your AMP 5.

##### #######
Field Support Engineer
Harman Luxury Audio Group, Lifestyle Division"

Followup, it does not work, they don't talk to each other.